Posted on: May 14, 2008 8:39 pm

My thoguths on "Spygate".....

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I do think that Bill Belichick should have faced stiffer punishment and should still face stiffer punishment for taping and saying that "I did not understand the rule clearly..."

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I fully understand and agree that this whole issue should be starting to weed itself out of the media lime light and everything should go away.  Who knows how this impacted and who still cares that the taping took place.  My problem only deals with Bill and his comments regarding the incidents.  It was said that he simply srugged it off as nothing and the violation was simply a misunderstanding of the rules.  I really bought that comment the first time and after hearing what Matt Walsh told in the meetings that "it was suppose to be hidden and secret..."

What a nice way to "circumvent" the rules.  It is not the Patriots players or the upper mangement that needed to see, read, hear the open dirty laundry over the past few months.  This all could have come to a halt the day that Bill took account for his practices.  Because he srugged it away and basically said it was not a clear understanding of the rules. 

Mind you, this is with memo's and owners meetings and off-season meeting talking about these specific practices in 2004,2005, and 2006.  I really feel that Bob Craft should have taken a harder stance and displined him even beyond those of the NFL.  He put the Patriots organization in the cross hairs for his and his staffs actions.  The whole bad part about this is that when anyone talks about the dynasty, the tag line of "But they cheated..."  will always be attached to it.  This is a shame, not for the Patriots, but for all of the NFL.  I might be an fan of an opposition team, but I thought it was great for the game to have a dominating franchaise.  I did not like the Patriots, but I respected the way the players went about thier buisness and the way the the coaches were able to break down the opposition.  I just never want anyone to think they did not do it on the up and up.  This whole process gives that doubt and this is sad to see.

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