Posted on: May 26, 2009 11:33 pm

Reason 8,465 to dislike the NBA....

I simply had enough with this league tonight after game four of the Conference finals.  I get it David Stern.  After so many Vitamin water LeBron James and Kobe Bryant commercials, you are drinking the Corporate kool aid.  You have pimped your league to the point that refs tip toe around every single call.  The last two minutes alone disgust me with the flagorant charge for the Cavaliers to win the game.  Look at those last two plays.

James was tripping over his own feet trying to get past Peitrus.  He was never in control and you could have called a charge just as your could a blocking foul.  It was the last few seconds of a game and you force a shot, not foul shots to call the end of a game.  After the 20 second time out, Van Gundy drew up a line play that dumped the ball down to Dwight Howard on the post.  The rubber band, Side Show Bob, was blocking Howard as if he were an NFL offensive lineman.  So let me get this straight.  One foul was called, but the other was seen as a "non-foul"....Why?

These are the reasons why everyone thinks the NBA is rigged.

I hope for a Nuggets vs. Magic final simply to shove it to every NBA executive and marketing rigged sideshow.

To the NBA, I hope you are happy with what you are creating at the moment....
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Posted on: June 4, 2008 10:18 am

Lifes Observations....

I am not going off on a tanget about gas prices.  Everywhere I look around the media is making its' apacolptic statements and the masses are at the pump doing the same two step about "I cannot believe it is costing this much for gas...."  I have seen it for weeks now and it was at the point this morning where people were throwing the F-bomb left and right.  I do not like it one bit either, but here is where it gets funny...

On my way to the gym, I had motorist, after motorist going at least 70-80 mph.  Did they know that ever 5 mph over 60, the average car uses an extra $0.20 cents per mile of gas (given if gas were $3.00 a gallon), or reduces mileage by 2-4 mpg.  I have no pity towards the people at the pump complaining about gas.  DRIVE SLOWER....BURN LESS FUEL....SAVE MONEY.....GO TO THE GAS STATION ONE LESS TIME EVERY TWO MONTHS......

Reducing mileage of 2-4 per mile on a 17 gallon tank of gas (average gas tank in US Cars and Trucks) is costing each tank between 34-68 miles.  Over a year (tank a week) this is a loss of 1768 to 3536 miles each year.  Even if the car got 30 mpg, this is an extra 3 1/2 tanks to 7 tanks of gas per year for your car or truck.  The average car or truck gets 21 mpg on the road.  This means that you will go to the gas station 5 to 10 times more per year.  It costs that driver (assuming $4.00 per gallon gas) anywhere from $340 to $680 additional dollars per year.

This is not "your carbon footprint" tangent.  This is a "quit complaining about your situtaion and do something about it" tangent.  SLOW DOWN....SAVE MONEY...


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Posted on: May 14, 2008 8:39 pm

My thoguths on "Spygate".....

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I do think that Bill Belichick should have faced stiffer punishment and should still face stiffer punishment for taping and saying that "I did not understand the rule clearly..."

If anyone belives this, I have lake view property just south of Orlando.  Are you intrested in purchasing it?

I fully understand and agree that this whole issue should be starting to weed itself out of the media lime light and everything should go away.  Who knows how this impacted and who still cares that the taping took place.  My problem only deals with Bill and his comments regarding the incidents.  It was said that he simply srugged it off as nothing and the violation was simply a misunderstanding of the rules.  I really bought that comment the first time and after hearing what Matt Walsh told in the meetings that "it was suppose to be hidden and secret..."

What a nice way to "circumvent" the rules.  It is not the Patriots players or the upper mangement that needed to see, read, hear the open dirty laundry over the past few months.  This all could have come to a halt the day that Bill took account for his practices.  Because he srugged it away and basically said it was not a clear understanding of the rules. 

Mind you, this is with memo's and owners meetings and off-season meeting talking about these specific practices in 2004,2005, and 2006.  I really feel that Bob Craft should have taken a harder stance and displined him even beyond those of the NFL.  He put the Patriots organization in the cross hairs for his and his staffs actions.  The whole bad part about this is that when anyone talks about the dynasty, the tag line of "But they cheated..."  will always be attached to it.  This is a shame, not for the Patriots, but for all of the NFL.  I might be an fan of an opposition team, but I thought it was great for the game to have a dominating franchaise.  I did not like the Patriots, but I respected the way the players went about thier buisness and the way the the coaches were able to break down the opposition.  I just never want anyone to think they did not do it on the up and up.  This whole process gives that doubt and this is sad to see.

</td> </tr> </tbody> </table>
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Posted on: April 19, 2008 5:57 pm

Boxing: Is it a shell of its' former self.

Before my time we had the golden age of Boxing.  Ali, Frazier, Forman, Louis, Liston, Rocky, Chavez, Lenord, Sugar Ray, Hitman, etc....  I grew up in the age of Mike Tyson and he was the grim reaper and now the the joke.  Even in the 90's and this decade there are some big names, Real Deal, Lewis, Oscar, Pretty Boy Floyd, etc...

Why the draft of overall audience and deep pools of talent?  This country has enough athletes to conitnue to support all sports.  The violence perception is equivlent to football, Rugby, etc.....

Is it MMA?  I truly think they can both exist and supply enough talent to keep the two sports running.

I think it goes down to dollars and cents (more like sense).

I think Dana White has grabbed the threshold of audience because they have all of the big names on public TV, basic Cable TV.  These guys are hungry to prove thier worth and they want to put on a good show.  You watch the fights on ESPN and you have the same type of fights.  Alot of punches, little defense, little regard to worry about your record and ability to get a title match or the big money match down the road.

Most of your great headline flights in Boxing go onto HBO and showtime.  Your great matchups go to PPV.  UFC has that as well, but just recently Spike had a headline event with the big names in UFC/K1 and continue to do that this summer as well.  Why did the average household have to pay 79.95 to watch Oscar V. Floyd and proceed to want their money back with the lack of on slaught.

These guys are skilled and you can watch the match un-fold.  But how many people want to sit through a giant ukranian jabbing his way to a 12 round victory with 30 punches per round.  Man you could fall asleep.

I was impressed that HBO has three fights in a row that have the big names.  Calzaghe vs. Hopkins tongiht and Oscar vs. Foster in two weeks are a start in the right direction to bring back the sport.  It is not dead, just simply out of touch with its' audience.  The audience wants to see a good fight without having to take out a loan to watch it.  How about having some fights on ABC/NBC/CBS in prime time.  Instead of the 20 million payday, take the 5 million payday and get more fans to enjoy your show.  If fans start to follow, it leads to more endorements down the road.  Money will eventually go away.  The buisness plan constructed by Don King is dead, not effective.  Golden Boy Productions is starting to follow the same path.  I bet Dana White is hoping for this to continue.  If it does, MMA is going to turn the sport of Boxing as a back burner sport.

My brother has turned from Boxing to MMA.  Myself and my friends went to UFC instead of the Floyd/Oscar fight.  It is just a better, more entertaining sport right now.  More action, more entertainement, and currently a better product......

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Posted on: March 21, 2008 12:38 pm

Last day here :(

I have to go back home, man what a pitty.  I really enjoyed the 70-80 days to go along with the very comfortable night air.  But, back to Baltimore I go.  The wind, cold weather.  Is it just me or does 40 degrees feel colder in Baltimore than 40 degrees in New York or Boston.  I have been to all and it by far is the coldest place.  I have even been to Frederickton in the winter where it is -40 easy.

Well gearing up for the game today and I will make an overall observation.  Due to time and wanting to enjoy the sun and weather out here, I will write up a number of reveiws next week in my sparetime.  A number of players will be summed up.  Anyway, I will post about today.  Might be a little late as I am currently stuck in traffic towards jupiter.

Love being down here in WiFi bliss, can post anywhere, anytime with the broadband card.

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Posted on: March 16, 2008 4:20 pm

Luke Scott picking up right where he left off...

Luke Scott, the new left fielder for the Orioles who came back from a the flu bug and a groin injury, has picked up and shaken some rust off his swing.

He looks fluid at the plate and has a real soild stroke.  He confirmed my thinking with a two run shot this afternoon.  He is currently close to .300.  Before todays game, he was batting an 0 for x with a handful of strikeouts.  This changed today and he looks average in the field.  More than capable to handel the everyday job. 

I would have rather seen it happen against John Patterson, but when you are going on 0-8, you will take anything.

I hope he can build on this and get going again.

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Posted on: March 16, 2008 4:06 pm

The Cabrera I saw today....

The Daniel Cabrera that pitched today showed some of that stuff that makes me think "Cy" Young.  At one point, he looked un-touchable on the mound and baffeled every hitter he faced.  He did give up a home run, but I think he was tired at that point.  He came trotting out in the 5th inning and just seemed to be out of gas while warming up.

I do not know the pitch count, around 45-50 I would guess.  I would say more than two thirds of his pitches were stikes.  He did not work counts, got on top of the hitters.  He showed three solid pitches.  You could see his fastball and he was cutting them.  He has a 11-5 working for him right now; I always thought it was a 12-6.  BUT...HE THREW EFFECTIVE CHANGE UPS.

He looked the part of an Ace of a staff.  BTW, rumors were floating in the stands that Adam Loewen threw today and felt great in a side session.  These two have 20 game winners written on them, just somehow neither really knows it yet.  If DC could throw what I saw today, he has 25 game winner in neon signs above his head.

The only problem is every good start is followed by two bad outings.

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Posted on: March 11, 2008 10:58 am

Spring Training Review of Blake Davis

Introducing my choice for starting shortstop for the 2008 Orioles: Blake Davis

He was a 2006 draft pick out of Cal State Fullerton.  At the time he was drafted, scouts considered him a plus defender with a good glove and arm.  He was projected to be a super ultility infielder, due to his athletism.  He was a poor mans Khali Greene.  Scouts thought that he could hit for average, but due to his size that was about it from the offensive standpoint.

He was a fourth round pick by the Orioles and shipped off to Delmarva shorebirds.  He was sporadic at the plate, but showed the ability to move up the ranks soley on defense alone.  Last season, he was moved up to high A Frederick.  He was on a tear with almost .300 average and 20% of his hits were doubles.  This leads me to believe that he could end up a 10 to 15 homerun guy once he fully gets a graps on pitch recognition.  He has wheels and could be a 15-20 SB total as well.

I have read over him this spring and there has not been much about him at all.  He is stuck behind Brandon Fayhe and Luis Hernandez (can not see why after his performance yesterday).  He is hitting in spring training and his glove and range is the best out of the trio.  He has added some bulk and looks to be in the 175-180 range, a far site better than the frail frame of 165.  After watching him up close, he will not make the 25 man roster, but I think he will go to AA Bowie.  He is not on the 40 man roster, so it is wishful thinking that he ends up in Baltimore in April.  Hey, if Bynum is done for the season and Luis chokes himself out of the lineup by the end of April, he could be an early season call-up.  He has the glove, has the average, still lacks pop.  I think MacPhail is going to bring him along slowly, even if he might be the best option at short.  I think I can see why Miguel Tejada was shipped out.  Between him and Tyler Henson, a more athletic option at shortstop is on the horizon.

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